Be a happy liveaboard operator!

Manage your bookings and distribute your availability in real time from one single platform.


Save many hours a day

No more copy & paste

Better communications

Agencies reserve cabins in real time and you do not need to answer availability emails anymore.

Send the booking info to your crew - with just one click. No copy & paste of any data anymore.

Availability is synchronised at all times. You don’t need to update manually any website or sheets anymore.


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Set up Boats

Set up Cabins

Set up Trips

Add Guests


Within a minute your boat is ready to be distributed to all participating agencies and websites.

Choose how many people can stay in a cabin and set the number of beds per cabin.

Add trips with basic info such as start and end date and location.

To keep the availability up to date enter the names of your booked guests.

You can now receive live reservations from travel agencies and guests.



Website Integration

Integrate your availability trip list into your website within minutes with a simple iframe code.

Your users can then utilise the full power of sharc and reserve cabins in real time.

No need to copy & paste information from any email inquiry anymore.

Live working example:
Liveaboard - all trips from your boat

Distribute Photos & Documents

How often do you get asked to share marketing photos to travel agencies?

With sharc you upload all your photos and documents agencies can use, name and tag them and you do not need to share any cloud storage links anymore.

And agencies get notified when there is a new photo or document online. It doesn't get easier and more time saving then this.

Invite Guests

sharc is a great tool for all of the three players in the travel market: the operator, travel agent and guest.

Once your guests have booked offer them access to fill in both their personal and travel information.

This saves you time to prepare for the trips and you do not need to copy & paste any information anymore.

Your guests feel great, too, as they have control and rest assured you got all the information in time.

Check Performance

Are you wondering how your business is doing?

With sharc seeing your performance is easy: your dashboard shows you automatically key indicators.

Understanding your business and taking out marketing insights has never been easier.

And if you need another key metric simply let us know and we are happy to include that.







Reservation Livaboard

Operations Manager Liveaboard

Travel Agent


Manta Mae

Moana Cruising

Reisecenter Federsee

With sharc we now keep much better track of our inquiries.

Most inquiries come automatically as a reservation from agencies and I don’t have to answer any routine email anymore.

This saves so much time.


I love working with sharc every day. Sending the trip data to my crew has never been easier.

The guests or agencies fill in the data themselves and I do not need to copy & paste anymore.

After that it just takes one click to have the trip info ready.

Sharc is truly a game changer. I am able to reserve a cabin while my customer is on the phone.

I do not need to send any availability emails to a liveaboard.

I simply place an option in sharc and it's certain.

I also like that I can see all the photos, some documents and general info from all the boats in one convenient way.

Sharc is a great app for me as a guest. I can keep my personal data up to date, see my reservations and best of all I do not have to fill in all of the info for every booking.

When I need rental equipment I just use sharc to inform my the boat directly.

It gives me a sense of control. I like that. And it*s super easy to use.

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