Why you shouldn't join sharc

Sharc requires a new way of thinking, work procedures and a few days of double work keeping your old system going and transitioning to sharc.

If you use spreadsheets...

...to manage your bookings then you need to start thinking with a database mind. That will take maybe a few days of your time.

If you write invoices...

...with a spreadsheet or word and didn't keep track who paid when their invoice in a database then sharc will require a few hours to get used to that.

If you didn't record inquiries...

...and didn't use the power of those ongoing inquiries then it will take a day or two to get used to using this.

Suggested guidelines for your transition
"Once you understand how to think with a database structure you wonder how you ever worked without one. The few days to get going makes totally up for the amazing time I save now managing inquiries and bookings."
Liveabroad Owner
"Before sharc: hundreds of boats with hundreds of different ways of handling bookings. With sharc: one simple way and the guests can fill in their personal details themselves. So easy and time saving.”
Travel Agent
"It was annoying to send almost every week our prices to travel agents as they didn't share our price lists among their teams. Sharc changed that.”
Liveabroad Owner